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Federal Wage System (FWS)

Approximately 10 percent of all federal non-postal employment is classified under the Federal Wage Grade (WG) System, typically referred to as the blue-collar pay schedules. Wage Grade workers utilize a five step pay system with the pay based on competitive rates that are set annually through wage surveys. The Department of Defense employs the largest number of Federal Wage System workers.

There were 192,520 federal wage system workers employed in these occupations as of March 2016 of which 1,236 work overseas in foreign countries.

The job vacancy lists provide a description of the occupation, the total number employed, specific job titles for this group with links to current job vacancies in both the federal and private sectors to provide job seekers with all of the jobs available in your area. You will also find the largest hiring agencies for that group. For example, the WG-3400 group employs 4,204 in two major occupations; machinist and tool makers. The largest hiring agencies are The Department of Treasury employs 91, Homeland Security employs 35, and the Government Printing Office employs 21.